Jack The Pot

WisQo with Scoba records presents to you a visual for his newest single

Mo Mo Fitness

J-Mo has an all intensive personal training program for all drives and body types. Hit him up for your fitness needs!

My Secret's Purpose

Christian has a life coaching and personal development business and wants to show you more about it!

Mel's Gift

Before they jumped the broom, Mel wanted to share this with her soon to be husband!

Love Jones

The Jones' decided to tie the knot and allowed me the opportunity to capture their precious day!

Introducing Alexei Shaun

Alexei is a local St. Louis artist who is finally bringing her art to the music scene. This video is a recap of one of her previous performances, featuring the song entitled "Pace"

2016 Video Reel!

The growth between this one and my last from 2015 is so amazing to me that I almost shed a tear lol. Check it out!

For Lil' Saint

A dense, cinematic fog covered St. Louis one night so I decided to shoot an impromptu visual.

Childish - Bransquiat (Official Music Video)

Ley Wedding Teaser

A quick snippet of their big and beautiful day!

Random Cool Test Shot

I was playing around with a 14 and keying to prepare for a shoot and thought this test shot came out pretty cool.

Designer Bags Promo

St. Louis Rappers, 4Deep, release a teaser video for their new song "Designer Bags."

Shari Chefing

Shari is being featured in various art events around her hometown and drops a visual to show off her culinary skills.

2015 Reel

Highlights of my video work from 2015.

Dead On Time

Dead On Time is a short film based on the album, Dead Man's Bones, by the self-titled band. Simplistically, a narrative music video, it follows the path of a deceased husband who defends his wife from evil spirits. I took on the role of Sound Designer, Location Sound Engineer and co-creator.

Ryan Gosling Saves College Grads

Going from eating ramen everyday to graduating and noticing that the struggle continues. I shot, edited and directed this piece.

Skin Deep

A quick short I directed about a sister who feels makeup is her beauty crutch.


This video was a side project for the My Rode Reel Competition. Out of 1100+ submissions, we were chosen as the Judges Top Pick. My position on this project was Sound Director and location sound mixer. Check out the behind the scenes here.

Pointe Of Contact

Pointe Of Contact was a senior thesis film produced at Missorui State University. It has won many awards, including a 3rd place title in the BEA Festival of Media Arts for scriptwriting.

I'm The King

This project was actually for a class at my college. We were given a piece of audio from another group and the task of creating a visual for it. This is what we came up with.

Common Cents

Common Cents was my introduction into the world of film audio. With the role of boom op and sound PA, I learned how cool film audio could be. Common Cents has won a 3rd place title in Narritive Video at the BEA Festival of Media Arts

I See Fire

With the idea of creating something visually and sonically interesting but not a narrative, we orchestrated this. My role was composer of the music and engineer to it. Also teaching the actors the percussion parts.

White Buffalo

White Buffalo, the story of a high school kid who lost his brother but his peers are more affected than he is. My role on this is Sound Director

Turn Up

A comical piece that was never meant to see the light of day lol. Here you have me rapping along with a couple of my colleagues. I created the music, recorded and engineered.